Sunday, August 21, 2011


That is my new favorite word! Tweaking ~ to make a minor adjustment to: to tweak a computer program. In my case I am tweaking creative projects and more. Making small changes to them. 

I have been taking a few classes at  Scrap N Friends because I feel the need to make new friends and I need to create and I do not currently have a space to do that in. Creating is my stress relief and I desperately need that Free Smiley Courtesy of lol!

I love the classes, but I have to be honest and admit that not all of the things we do meet my creative style. And I don't carry ALL of my scrap supplies with me, so when I get home, I am going to start TWEAKING them to fit my creative style.

I will take before and after pics and post them. My first TWEAKING is not a paper creation, it is a tote I purchased to take to class. I wasn't crazy about it being black and white, so I came home and TWEAKED it in 15 minutes with my Copics. 

What do you think of the creative change?

Top row of stitching:  BG15 Aqua
Middle row: RV29 Crimson
Bottom row: B02 Robin's Egg Blue

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