Monday, June 23, 2008

My scrap room is finished

Well, I finally have my scrap room finished, for the most part lol! I still need to organize my papers and card stock and make more folders for sticker categories and organize my embellishments, but I can use my desk now and see the floor! It is a small alcove that is supposed to be my dining room (who needs a room to eat in...having a place to scrap and create is much more important!)

#1 The whole room

#2 Left side...Wishblade, radio, cuttlebug, paper holder, stickers in the file drawer, items to be altered, odds and ends and daycare business items.

#3 My desk

#4 Right side...CTMH business items, stamp sets, punches, coluzzles and items waiting to go in a scrapbook.

Thanks for stopping by and post any questions you may have.


  1. Absolutely! Who needs a spot to eat when you can be crafting! It's a sickness, I tell ya! But one I'm willing to live with... LOL

    Great organization. I need to find the time to clean my room up a bit... thankfully it has a door to close so I can kinda hide my messes. My DH just shakes his head... calls it a 'store'.

  2. what a great room! I'm sure it's nice to have everything nicely organized and easily accessible!

  3. Jaci!

    This is a GREAT space! You have everything organized nicely and within reach... and it looks like everything has it's own home which makes it easier to clean up and put back together when you're done playing.

    Thank you for sharing your space!

  4. Very creative! Thanks for sharing! :)


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