Thursday, December 29, 2011

Homemade Christmas Presents

A special thank you to all of my fellow CTMH sisters that are now following my blog and have become friends on Facebook, I truly appreciate you and want to wish you a Happy 2012!

As some of you know, my Dad passed away in 2010. It was sudden and extremely unexpected. My Dad loved Christmas and every year he would hand out the presents while wearing his Santa hat and his Green sweatshirt. He and Mom had matching shirts and they would also wear them out when Christmas shopping. Mom donated his clothing last month and she was donating the shirt, I couldn't let it go.

I decided to make sure everyone had a piece of Dad and his tradition each Christmas and made these ornaments. I cut thin strips of his shirt and I soaked a small piece with his favorite cologne, so you can smell it through the top.

Other side

And they were loved by all. My nephew Josh, My sister Julie, My daughter Natasha and My Mom.

A couple of months ago, my Nephews dog, Mystery died. He had her since she was a pup and after having had puppies, she became ill and never recovered. I created this canvas using Quick Quotes for him. Once I read the sentiment, I new it was meant for him!

And a tearful homemade Christmas was had by all!


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  1. Jaci, thank you for the wonderful ornament, I never would have thought to do that, but as usual your mind is always working on how to bring a smile (even though tears also) to everyone in our family. We know your dad was with us, he wouldn't miss Christmas. Love you, Mom


Thanks for your wonderful comments!

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